Christian Living

Pushing Through Spiritual Apathy

Do you ever just get into a "funk"? Mentally, emotionally or spiritually? Where you just go on auto pilot and sort of phase out? Or maybe that's just me, but that's where I am right now. I don't always notice it right away, it usually comes to my attention when I am spending time in… Continue reading Pushing Through Spiritual Apathy

Christian Living

Unlearning to Relearn

This weekend 6 years ago I made the proclamation before my church to give my life to Jesus. I was baptized and this began what can only be called an adventure, my adventure with Him. I think adventure is a good word because it brings with it excitement, uncertainty, joy, and a whole lot of… Continue reading Unlearning to Relearn

Health + Wellness

Our Favorite Essential Oils + GIVEAWAY

Chloë I mentioned last week that I wasn’t familiar with essential oils at all until about 2 years ago. Since then I have slowly begun to understand what they’re good for, and how God made them! I’m still learning every day, and will be forever probably, but the reality is that God made all the… Continue reading Our Favorite Essential Oils + GIVEAWAY