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Creating a Lifestyle with Essential Oils

EO LifestyleI got my Premium Starter Kit about a month ago now and I’ve pretty much used every oil in it! By far my favorite way, and the easiest way in my opinion, is diffusing them. In the morning, after work, pre and post workout, and for bedtime.

I have used essential oils for over a year through my mom and Chloë, and finally took the leap to start getting my own. But if I’m honest it can still feel overwhelming; how best to use them, when to use them, where to put them on topically, which go together, and the list goes on.

I search Pinterest for diffuser blends and the options go on for what seems like forever! Which is definitely a great thing, but I can end up sitting there for 20 minutes trying to find the right blend and then end up giving up because there are too many.

Maybe you’re feeling like I am, knowing essential oils have so many wonderful properties, but it feels like a mountain to climb to learn how to best use them. If that’s the case we can celebrate that we aren’t alone!

EO Lifetyle I desire to be like my mom, who’s been using oils for years now despite me initially telling her it’s weird hippie dippie stuff! Or like the women I see in the YouTube videos I watch as I’m seeking new ways to use the oils I have. They are so knowledgeable and have found great ways to use their oils for themselves and their families and friends.

I want to be that woman who carries her oils around with her, always going to them first for relief, for a pick me up, or for courage. And I’ve realized it starts with baby steps, as do a lot of things in life. I can’t go run a marathon without first preparing and working my way up to those 26 miles ahead of me.

I would love to hear ways that you’ve found to incorporate your oils more regularly or ways you’ve been able to find recipes or tips without scrolling through hundreds of pages!

I believe oils play a roll in overall health and I want to be able to use them properly and take the best care of this body I’ve been given.


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