Craving Connection + Blogiversary GIVEAWAY

Craving Connection + Blogiversary GIVEAWAY

It has been 1 year of blogging at Adventures of Amy and Chloe! Neither Amy or I can believe that a year has passed since God put it on our hearts to write blogs for people to read?! Weird! We have written one blog every week, grown in our ability to write, take pictures, listen to the Holy Spirit’s leading, and so much more. Our God is WILD! One year “blogiversary” means GIVEAWAY!

In case you couldn’t tell, around here we like to talk about friendship! We are best friends so friendship is our day to day, but we are also in the same phase of life; single. Don’t get me wrong, friendship is just as important when you’re married as when you aren’t, but the seasons are different. In a broader perspective, friendships are just the smaller relationships that build our community. Since I moved away from family, I have started to see just how important community is. And I’m not really talking about the physical community that we live in (neighborhoods, areas, etc), but I am actually talking about the people that we surround ourselves with, that we pour into and that pour into us, that we go through life with. Church. That is, “capital C, Church”.

Without my family always around, I have started to see what “adult” Christian community looks like. It can start at church, but often blooms in small groups. It is the relationship building that happens when we are vulnerable with our brothers and sisters in Christ. It is the prayer support, emotional support, physical support, financial support that happens when we allow God’s Church to surround us and to do what it is meant for: serving one another.

Craving Connection + Blogiversary GIVEAWAY

But as we have written about here before, where do we start? How do we make friends when we are in a transition season? Where do I meet people when I am not in college, don’t know anyone, and have to go to church alone? It has proven to be a struggle, but one that is worth it. I am only now in the beginning stages, so to speak, of building a community of believers around me. I have gone to small group, met with people over coffee, gotten involved at church, and it is slowly coming together. But I still sometimes just want to duck out of church and go be comfortable with the close friends I already have.

Amy and I are both in this season, as we go to different churches and try to navigate this adult life. One of the ways we have tried to grow is by reading a devotional that caught my eye at the Christian bookstore (Lifeway is like the Christian Target am I right?). It is called “Craving Connection” and it is by various women over at (in)courage. It is a 30-day challenge of sorts (quite like a 30-day devo) that tells different women’s stories and then encourages you to do something each day to strengthen existing friendships and make more. We have about 4 more days to go and it has been challenging, in the best way! It’s hard to step out our comfort zones to reach out to someone new, mend broken friendships, or be vulnerable with our sisters. But I have found it to be really encouraging and it has given me a new perspective on the importance of building community in the Church!

So in light of that, we are doing our one year “blogiversary” GIVEAWAY with this devotional! One lucky winner will be getting one copy of “Craving Connection” from (in)courage, one journal, and a set of three non-bleed bible highlighters from The Daily Grace Co.! Here is a picture of the giveaway contents:

Craving Connection + Blogiversary GIVEAWAY

To enter click this link: *Giveaway!!


We really hope this devotional is encouraging and motivates you to seek relationships with other women and build a community that is rooted in Christ and builds you up daily.

Much love,


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