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Birthdays: A Time to Reflect

Birthdays: A Time to Reflect

This last weekend I got to celebrate my birthday with Chloë and one of our really good friends. We hiked, ate way too much food, and adventured all around Asheville, NC! I can’t deny that it was a pretty great birthday.

Friday started off extremely early, like out of the house by 6am early! We drove the three hours it took to get to the trailhead they wanted to take me on, one that ended with waterfalls and the hope for rainbows! As we got closer, the scenery got even prettier, even with the buckets of rain that was coming down which just added to the adventure!

We hiked the 2 miles in and got to experience the beauty, creativity, and power of God through this rushing waterfall. It’s called Rainbow Falls because if you get there at the right time, typically before noon, you can see rainbows. We didn’t have the sun at that point, but the waterfall itself was amazing.

Almost the entire trail had the background sound of the power of the waterfall and the river it dumped into. That and the dense forest, the colorful leaves, the mini creeks and waterfalls along the way and I couldn’t deny how awesome God is. I was taking it all in moment by moment.

Birthdays: A Time to Reflect

I love seeing how great God is through His Creation when I get out and explore like that. And I believe this experience set the tone for my birthday weekend!

As I reflected on the last year of my life, I continued to be in awe of who God is. The last year of my life wasn’t even close to how I expected it to be, but I’ve come to learn that that’s the best place to be with Him. I have dreams, goals, and desires that He is well aware of, but when I let go and allow Him to truly guide my every step, it’s always unexpected in an amazing way.

I got to travel, to help people who have lost everything, to be a part of a team that brought hope. I moved several times, all places that I never would have guessed I’d live in. I grew as a leader, as a follower of Jesus, and as a daughter of the Lord Most High. Year thirty brought so many ups and downs that have continued to mold me into who He created me to be.

As I think about all that. As I dwell on His goodness, His grace, His love that He lavished on me, it only makes me excited and hopeful for year thirty-one!

Maybe you’re a birthday “dreader” or someone who loves their birthday and everything about it. Either way know that you can be excited when He is in control because He knows the plan and it’s always for our good!

Much love,


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