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Ups and Downs of Fitness

Ups and Downs of Fitness

Last week Chloë shared about her health journey and I love hearing it. It’s so exciting for me to see and hear her story because it’s so different than mine. All of us have our own stories and journeys with being healthy and this week I’m excited to share mine!

Did you ever play the ice-breaker game of saying a descriptive word about yourself but you had to use the first letter of your first name? I did on several occasions and up until recently my answer was always “athletic Amy”. That’s how I identified because sports were such a big part of my life.

I started playing basketball in elementary school and played all the way through high school. That was my sport of choice and I wanted to be the female version of Michael Jordan for so long. My number was even the reverse of his since I was a girl and he was a guy, kind of silly, but it was logical in my brain at the time!

Sports were something that just came naturally to me and through that I stayed pretty fit and in shape. I played soccer, volleyball, attempted to run track, and even played roller hockey with my cousin in the street. Through the sports I played I developed a mindset of working out and also had the tools of workout routines that went along with my sport.

Then I graduated high school and it seemed like everything went down hill. I didn’t have the routine or structure that facilitated working out anymore. Or a coach telling me drinking soda wasn’t an option in my diet anymore. Needless to say I gained weight, slowly but surely I put on too many pounds.

I eventually joined a gym, thinking if I was paying for it I would definitely get myself back on track. That lasted for a decent amount of time but it wasn’t long before I didn’t want to go anymore no matter what it was costing me; financially or physically.Ups and Downs of Fitness

Thankfully the university I went to had several gyms, pools, and a track for everyone to use. One of my roommates was in to working out so I would tag along with her and that got me back into the gym. I wasn’t perfect, but fairly consistent with working out during my time there. Then it happened again, no more access to the tools needed to stay on track.

After a while Chloë and I decided we needed to get ahold of our health so we got a gym membership together. But it wasn’t long after that that I moved and no longer had access. So I again started over, but this time I was able to find free resources!

There is a beautiful river walk in my city, that also has a few body weight machines that are accessible to the public, and there are more workout routines on YouTube and Pinterest than I know what to do with! I still have my low times, where I go days, sometimes weeks, without getting a workout in, but seem to be getting better about overcoming those times and pressing on to stay healthy.

It’s been a roller coaster ride for me that started out straight forward and has since been an up and down battle. But it’s one I’ve decided to refuse to lose! No matter how many times I stop going or am unmotivated there’s always a chance to pick it up again and keep pushing forward.

So maybe you resonate with my up and down battle, or maybe Chloë’s journey is more on pace with you. Either way, just know that it’s never too late and with some willpower and motivation you can start again or get back on your path to healthy living!

Much love,


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