Health + Wellness

Health + Wellness

Health + Wellness

This week we are venturing out a bit from our usual “niche” and adding a new aspect to our blog-Healthy and Wellness We have been talking about this for a while, and now that we are in one place we can talk more about the many ways we have tried to shift to healthy and all natural living. There are many good things to come, including: our favorite healthy recipes, workouts + physical health, essential oils + natural living, and more!

I thought I’d start this out by talking about essential oils! Essential oils are a pretty controversial topic these days, and growing in popularity. But little did I know they have been around for so long! Not only have major corporations been creating and selling essential oils since before I was born (90’s), but these things were in the Bible!! We all know the nativity story, where Jesus was gifted Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh, but I had no idea the latter two were oils until a couple years ago. Oils were used by priests and the apostles for healing and anointing, too! The Bible says in Ezekiel 47:12 that the tree leaves were for healing. I just think it’s so cool that God gave us everything we need when He created the earth!

Well, two years ago I was much more skeptical. I hadn’t even heard of essential oils and had no interest in using them. Amy’s mom introduced Young Living oils (which is the only brand I recommend due to the quality and culture of the company)  to us when we were in college, and two years later I am still learning more every day. To put it simply, since I am no chemist, because plants function much like the human body, the properties of essential oils allow them to go straight into our bloodstreams. And every oil has a different function, and every body chemistry reacts differently to them.

Health + Wellness

Peppermint oil is an energizer, as you can imagine because of the smell. It also helps with headaches and pain because of the cooling aspect of mint. Lavender oil is good for just about anything; it’s a calming oil, but is also good for allergies, burns, menstrual cramps, headaches….the list goes on.

There are so so so many oils out there and some when blended together can have some amazing effects.

In our house, we have started cleaning with Thieves cleaner (a product from YL) for mopping, dish detergent, wipes, everything! And this is the kind of cleaner you can accidentally spill on your bananas and not have to throw them all away (nothing toxic!).

I’ve had allergies and asthma since I was a kid, and using essential oils has made a huge difference. Amy even has a dog now and they help my allergies! I use them for pain, headaches, sleepiness, energy, hair, skin care, home cleaning, etc.

There is much more to be said and much more to come, just wanted to give a little intro into a new side of our blog!


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