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10 Creative Ways to Spend Time with God + FREE Download

10 Creative Ways to Spend Time with God

I mentioned in the last blog I wrote that God has turned my life upside down recently. I moved to South Carolina, from Idaho, for a job that fell through. Well, I wouldn’t say I moved for the job, so much as so quickly because of the job. God had been prompting me to move for some time, but that was the ultimate pull that I needed. And then that was gone. At first I was totally shocked, it felt like the ground had fallen out from under my feet. All the doubt in the world suddenly came out of the woodwork and I was petrified. Why God?

Well that was two weeks ago and here I am, still jobless, holding onto God by a thread, believing He’s working, and expecting a miracle. I have had a lot of time to think over the past two weeks, as I’ve job searched and unpacked, and for the most part thinking hasn’t been friendly. Overthinking, that is. But it has given me a LOT of spare time. To avoid spending all my down time watching Netflix and scrolling Pinterest, I have tried to be more intentional about spending time with God. But can anyone else relate when I say that sometimes that gets, dare I say it, boring? Not God, He never gets boring, but I have felt like I can only read my Bible so many times a day before it starts to make me sleepy. I started to think about some more creative or alternative ways to spend time with God, to be filled up in other ways.

So here is what I came up with:

10 Creative Ways to Spend Time with God

1. Journal

This may seem like a normal one, but it turns out that not that many people like to journal. It takes too much time, they say. Well, if you ever find yourself tired of doing the same quiet time routine, mix it up a bit. There are many different ways to journal: journaling in first person to no one, journaling as a letter to God, journaling prayers, or creative journaling with fun fonts and letters. Every day I journal as a letter to God, and sometimes that transitions into journaling certain words the Lord puts on my heart in fancy writing, or song lyrics, or anything. This one can be done differently by everyone.

2. Draw/Bible Journal

This is one that artsy/creative people love. I can’t draw to save my life, but I have dabbled in Bible journaling. If you have a Bible with wide margins and some colorful pens, this one is easy to start! I usually stick to writing words and copying cool fonts, sometimes adding in easy flowers or vines. Or you can simply re-write some of your favorite verses in the margins. I have also used a spare journal for this when I didn’t have a journaling Bible.

10 Creative Ways to Spend Time with God

3. Listen to/play worship music

If you are sick of Christian radio, try looking up alternative Christian playlists or worship playlists on Spotify. There are a ton of playlists out there that you can listen to and broaden your horizons on music. If you play an instrument or sing, you can also play your own worship, or even write it! Worship is such an important component to our walk with God and easy to forget about sometimes. This one is great because you can also save music to your phone and play it in the car, on your lunch break at work, or on a walk.

4. Do Yoga

I know that this one might strike a wrong chord in some people, as yoga can be very controversial. But from the research I’ve done, as well personal experience, this is a great way to connect with God. People have said that yoga originated from Hindu or Buddhist beliefs and therefore if you do it, you are worshipping said gods. Actually, yoga was around before either of those religions were established and is not exclusively associated with them. Historically, yoga may have been developed by one of these religions, but people have also been practicing yoga outside of any religion at all. To me, yoga is a way to get a workout in, (it’s more strenuous than just stretching), while also taking time to pray and meditate. I went to yoga classes taught by a close friend of mine and got to experience listening to worship music and praying throughout. It is very relaxing and beneficial to your physical and spiritual health! I encourage you to read up on the history of yoga and PRAY about how to use it to give God glory!

5. Read a Christian book

There are so many good Christian lifestyle books out there. Amy and I have spent about a year reading different books each month or so and talking about them. Some of our favorites include:

  • Loveology by John Mark Comer (Garden City is another good one by him)
  • Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst
  • Beautiful Outlaw by John Eldredge
  • Unashamed by Christine Caine
  • Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis

6. Listen to a sermon/podcast

If your church podcasts the sermons, you can listen to weeks you may have missed. Or check out some other teachers such as John Piper, Luis Palau, Stephanie May Wilson for lifestyle, and others under the Christian genre on any podcast app.

7. Read a devotional

The Bible app has lots of devotionals on different topics, short and long. There are other apps, such as She Reads Truth, that also have good devotionals and studies on them. These typically take just a few minutes, but you could pair this with journaling, some even contain prompts.

8. Scripture Writing


Amy and I started doing this a couple months ago to go deeper in our understanding of Scripture. Instead of reading quickly through a book, we copy down in a journal a few verses at a time and read into the notes on those verses to get a better understanding while staying within the context of the book. There are tons of good plans on Pinterest and we have a couple of our own, click here to download yours for FREE!

9. Watch Christian Youtubers

I have been watching YouTubers for a couple years, and just recently came across the Christian YouTube world! There are so many channels from Christian YouTubers who post on different topics, lifestyle, bible study, etc. It’s a great way to hear about a certain topic in a more creative way.

10. Memorize Verses

I am usually pretty good at memorizing things, but haven’t even thought to do this in a long time. Memorizing Scripture is so important to our walk. It gives us the Word to use in battle and in times of need when we have it memorized and can speak it. Writing verses over and over, reciting them to music, or writing them on sticky notes in often seen places are just a few ways to start!

If you ever feel like you’re burnt out on your normal routine, or just longing for some fresh time with Jesus, try a couple of these! Hopefully you can find one that is new to you that you enjoy and can grow from.

Much love,


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