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It’s Always Spring Time with You

It's always spring time with Jesus

Hi friends,

Are you ready for a story? This week was so crazy for me. I am moving to South Carolina!

Rewind to almost nine months ago. About the time we started the blog, actually. I was visiting the East Coast with Amy, as she had recently moved there and we went on a vacay for her bday: beaches along the coast of North and South Carolina. I loved it. I felt drawn to stay, intrigued by how different it all was from where I’m from, and a certain comfort about it. I was also feeling like Summer 2018 was going to have some big changes in store. I took that feeling to God in prayer all year and just felt Him confirm that direction for me. But moving away is not something to be taken lightly when nearly your entire family lives in one city. I had the chance to go back to South Carolina in January and honestly felt so at home. So I decided to pursue a job there, praying that God would lead me to what He had and open the right door.

A few months into 2018 and I started communicating with a family about nannying starting in the Fall. That gave me some good time to figure out what God was doing, if this was it, spend extra time at home, and be prepared to move. Fast forward to last week: things changed and this family needed someone ASAP. This was a clear door opened and a huge asking on my part, as I would be leaving my job and family and community I’ve built over the last year here in five weeks. That sort of seems like a good gap to get situated, but uprooting my life in five weeks is insane.

God is always doing a new thing

That was Thursday, today is Sunday. I’m still processing it, the excitement, the grief, the overwhelming chaos of it all. And right now excitement is high, but so is sadness in some moments. God put a song on my heart when my mom and I were going through some tough moments with me moving away: This Is What You Do by Bethel.

“It’s always like springtime with You
Making all things new
Your light is breaking through the dark
This love it is sweeter than wine
Bringing joy, bringing life
Your hope is rising like the dawn

This is what You do
This is what You do
You make me come alive”

I hadn’t heard it in a while and just smiled as I listened. It’s always springtime with Jesus, He is always doing a new thing. Right now, He’s doing a new thing. I may not be able to see the reasons, and may be partially blinded by the sadness, but I know that He is trustworthy and following Him will only mean I grow closer to Him. And I know that this will be a good experience, growing me and challenging me in ways that were impossible being near my family. I am learning to fully rely on Him for all my needs.

Maybe you’re in a tough season right now, be encouraged by the truth that it’s always springtime with our Father. He is always doing a new thing, even when we can’t see it. He is making us come alive for His Name sake and when we follow Him, He is glorified.

I want to be someone that is remembered for following Jesus with reckless abandon, and in five weeks I take a huge step out of my comfort zone. May He be glorified by my life and may He be glorified by yours!


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