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He’s in the Waiting: overcoming anxiety with praise

Waiting on God

Four months ago I was coming to the end of my Americorps term and had no idea what was next. I felt a peace about having only applied for one job and knew that God was doing something, but I had no idea what.

The end of my term came and went and I was unemployed, but set to visit family and friends and to officially move to Columbia, SC. With the help of Chloë I did just that.

I had gone through two rounds of interviews for the position I applied for, but was still waiting to hear back. At this point I was unemployed for about three weeks or so. I was starting to get a little worried and I didn’t really have the finances to sustain me for much longer. I was trusting God, but fear and doubt were trying to creep in.

Then out of no where I got a call asking if I’d be up for leading a team to Puerto Rico for a month for the organization I served my Americorps term with. They would hire me temporarily and provide for my housing and food while on the island. With shock and joy I excitedly accepted the offer. I knew it was the way God was providing for me for the next month as I continued to wait to hear about the job I applied for.

Praise through the waiting

That month was challenging to say the least. I had been on disaster deployments before to Houston, but this was not the same, not even close. There were lots of ups and downs, but it felt like mostly downs for me. I was leading a team, in a place I’d never been, living in a house without power or hot water, and handling tasks I’ve never dealt with before. But thankfully by the grace of God we all survived and with a new perspective on how life has been for the survivors of Hurricane Maria on the island of Puerto Rico.

At the end of that month I was asked if myself and anyone on the team would be up for staying longer or going back down. We all said no. I didn’t think that I could handle circumstances like that again. Not only was it physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging, but I had no other believers or a church to attend so it was tough spiritually as well.

Yet, here I am my first week into my third month here on the island. Through a whole lot of prayer and seeking advice and wisdom from others I knew Jesus was calling me back to this place. I didn’t know how long I would be here initially and am so thankful for God’s provisions and grace as I’ve been here but my time is coming to an end.

Last month I found out that the only job I had applied for, truly believing it was what Jesus had for me, was not the job for me. I was pretty upset by it, but am trusting that Jesus has something better planned.

That leaves me in the same place I was four months ago. My time in my current position is coming to and end and I have no idea what’s around the corner. I am hopeful and expecting Jesus to move in huge ways, but right now it’s all very unknown. The wondering and worrying has kept me up at night the last several nights as I contemplate and try to figure out what He has in store for me.

God in His goodness reminded me this morning that He is very much for me and has plans for me to prosper and not to harm me. I need only to seek Him first and bring my requests to Him with thanksgiving. Then He will provide, His peace will guard my heart and mind, and He will make His answers known to me.

Waiting on God

Chloë and I are both in seasons of waiting and the unknown and maybe you are too. If you are, know that you aren’t alone. It’s a season that requires us to trust Him all the more and believe the promises we read all throughout the Bible. So take courage today and know He’s in the waiting and He is faithful!


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