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Praising God Through My Quiet Time

quiet time with Jesus

Every morning I start my day off with a cup, sometimes 2 or 3, of coffee, my journal, my NIV Bible and my The Passion Translation (TPT) Bible. No matter how early or late my day starts I etch out 30-45 minutes right away to ensure I get my time with Jesus. I have been doing it for at least a year now, if not longer, and I can’t imagine my day starting any other way. I have found that starting my day with Him creates the space in my heart and mind to remember to surrender it all to Him and allow Him to guide my steps.

After I spend time journaling I dive into the Word. Currently I am reading a new Psalm each morning as I make my way through the book. This isn’t the first time I’ve done it and I love going through it again and again getting more and more insight into God’s goodness to His people, the rawness when one of the writers messes up and the forgiveness seen given as lives are surrendered back to God.

I read through it in NIV and then I reread it in TPT. This not only helps the Psalm stick with me throughout the day but helps me see it with a new lens. I was introduced to the Passion Translation a few months ago when my pastor started incorporating it into his sermons each week. It is the newest translation of the Bible to come out and honestly it has made such a difference in my quiet time! It has brought depth and greater insight into what each Psalmist is sharing with us.

All that to say I read both for clarity, but something in the Psalms has jumped out at me over the last several mornings. As I have been making my way through the book this last week I have read Psalms 95-100. Each Psalm I’ve read over the last six mornings has started out with either “shout for joy”, “praise His great name”, or “sing to the Lord”. This is the same in both translations, which doesn’t always happen. To me that is awesome and amazing and brings joy and reverence to my quiet time.

Praising God Through My Quiet Time

Each morning this has been such a great way to start my day. The constant and consistent reminder over the last week that He is good and worthy to be praised has helped me take on each day with joy and gladness. Sometimes it’s a little bit of a fight and I can feel it when I’m journaling and questioning what to even write about, but it’s like that weight is lifted when I see the words these Psalmists, one of which is David, shared with us. There is freedom in their words, liberation, and excitement!

The Passion Translation has truly brought so much depth to my quiet time with Jesus and I would highly recommend checking it out if you’re curious to see what it’s all about! I also love that shouting for joy, praising His name, and singing to the Lord a new song is brought into English in multiple translations. It shows the depth and gravity that doing these things has and how meaningful they are to our lives of following Jesus.

Whatever your circumstances choose today to shout for joy, to sing a new song, and to praise His great name in whatever way you love worshiping the Lord. Who knows, maybe we’ll all break out into singing and dancing like David did!


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