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Goals and Follow-Through: being intentional all year long

For a lot of people, the New Year means making New Year’s resolutions; starting fresh and committing to making a change in some area. For us, it has always come down to creating a healthy lifestyle through working out/getting in shape and eating healthy. It has sort of become a cliche to make New Year’s resolutions because they are notorious for not being fulfilled or remembered. Gyms have sales on memberships and workout apparel is cheap because everyone wants to get in shape. But often before January is over, people have forgotten or given up. New Years’s Resolutions/Cliches

Goals Pin

There is nothing wrong with starting the new year fresh and wanting to better yourself in some area, but maybe if we changed our outlook from once-a-year resolutions to life goals, we would be more likely to stay motivated. At any point, we can choose to create a goal for ourselves and map out a plan of how to accomplish that goal. And goals are important to growth, allowing us to see where we’ve been, where we are, and where we want to be.

So how can we be intentional about making and following through on goals?

  • It is important to start with something small and tangible, so that when we see it through, we know it is possible.
  • Find an accountability partner or a buddy to do it with you. We have been working as a team to be better about daily reading, eating healthy, and exercising even though we don’t live in the same time zone.
  • We’ve never really done this, but writing goals down not only keeps us from forgetting them, but can create the space to track progress. That’s why this year we are being intentional with this Goal Tracking Sheet (Click the link to download the PDF)


You can write this year, this month, this week, or a specific category in the blank.

Whether it is healthy eating, being more active, mending a relationship, spending more time with Jesus, serving your church/community more, or anything else, take the time to write down your goals to help you see it through.

We have each printed this sheet to write down personal goals and also want to write down our blog goals. So to help motivate you with whatever your goals are, here is a list of ours:

  • Send out consistent email updates
  • Pin content daily
  • Create a facebook page
  • Pray for consistent readers/current readers
  • Write a devotional for readers

Goals Quote Image

Some of these are easy tasks, and it will feel good to check them off. Others are going to take more time, but as we come back to them throughout the year, the hope is that we are still consistently working on each one. And our prayer is that you will do the same! We are excited about 2018 and all that the Lord has in store. Be praying about your own goals and where you can be growing this year and know that we will be praying for you.


Much love,

Amy & Chloë




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