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Advent Part 2: Intentional Gift Giving

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This time of year is known as the time of year we intentionally spend time with family and friends eating lots of food and cookies and maybe gaining a little weight! It’s also known for gifts. Kids of all ages wait expectantly for lots of presents under the tree, just knowing it’s going to be that awesome toy they’ve asked for. And it’s not only kids, until recently I still had a Christmas list of things I wanted under the Christmas tree too.

I’ve realized I don’t really have a lot of money for gifts this year. With serving my Americorps term comes very little pay and I’m totally okay with that, but it also means very little to put towards Christmas gifts. At first it stressed me out a little, thinking how could I ever get gifts for my parents, brother, Chloë, and everyone else that is important to me? I just knew there was no way I could make it happen.

But then I had a thought, what if my gifts were more than just the latest tech gadgets or trendiest pieces of clothing? What if I created space in my schedule to get quality time with those that are closest? It’s not fancy by any means, but it’s intentional, it’s face to face interaction, and it’s against the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season.

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As my relationship with Jesus grows I am starting to see more clearly how amazing Christmas really is. It’s not about gifts or who spent the most money or has the coolest present to give, not even close. It’s about the truest gift of all, the birth of Jesus! He chose to come down to Earth, to intentionally spend 33 Years here with us, doing life with friends and family, and having intentional time to be with those He loved. How amazing is that?

So this year, and hopefully every year after this, even when I have kids, I’m choosing to be intentional with my time. To do acts of love and kindness towards my friends and family. To sit down face to face, with no distractions, and share memories and joy and of course food!

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It’s so easy to get caught up in the back breaking ways of the world, buying gifts we may not be able to afford, just in order to show love and appreciation. Let’s look at it differently this Christmas! Jesus gave Himself freely because He loves us and in honor of Him let’s give ourselves whole-heartedly to those we love. Jesus was different and as His followers we will be different as well. Will you join me this Christmas in being different?

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