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What My Quiet Time Looks Like

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As a kid/preteen, I remember having a girl’s Bible that I would read occasionally. Mostly I just did the quizzes and read the spotlights on women of the Bible. My time with the Lord was not often longer than ten minutes or so, and mostly it was about me. When I first started having real, intentional, one-on-one time with the Lord, I was in college. I think at this point I really modeled after my mom, who as long as I can remember has woken up with the sun to spend time with Jesus. My second semester of college, I made a commitment to get up every day before my 8:25am math class (that was early for a college student!!), go to the Starbucks on campus, and journal and read my Bible. It was important for me at that time to get out of bed, out of my dorm, and essentially wake myself up before spending that time. So I went and got coffee! That semester was really the first time I personally recognized the Lord moving in my life.

One of the best things for me in helping establish a healthy habit of daily quiet time has been Amy. We started reading a book of the Bible together when we were roommates. Having her as an accountability partner has been immensely important to me. To this day, we choose to read through a book at the same time to keep each other accountable. We don’t always get a chance to talk about it anymore, but that’s okay! Checking in and mentioning things when we feel prompted is great! I want to share what my time looks like in order to hopefully encourage you.

When I wake up in the morning, I take between a half-hour and an hour, depending on the day, praying, reading, and listening. This three piece system is just what I need. My mind runs about the same speed as my mouth, which for those who have heard me talk, that’s fast. Haha! So, I prefer to pray by journaling/writing out my prayers. For some fast thinkers, this would be too hard because writing takes longer than thinking. But for me, it works well for two reasons: 1. If I don’t write it, my mind will be thinking about next week’s plans or a TV episode before I can thank God for the day. And 2. I need to have a reason to slow down, process, and listen as I write. I’ve filled about 5 journals and the cool thing is that I can look back and see how God has completely moved in my life! Next, I read one chapter of whatever book of the Bible I’m reading at any given time. I’ll read the notes in my Bible and sometimes read a commentary. But most often, I just ask God what He wants to show me through that day’s reading and listen. Listening is the hardest piece for me, especially because it is in the morning when I have to get ready for the day. I do think that this is so important. Sometimes I’ll add to this morning routine by going through a Bible study, reading a devotional (I am currently going through Stephanie May WIlson’s Lipstick Gospel Devotional and book which are both so good!). Whether it’s in my journal or in my prayer/listening time after, I always make a point to dedicate that day to the Lord.

There have been a number of occasions where I catch myself looking at other people’s perfectly captured instagram posts of their Bible and coffee and profound words and wondering why my quiet time doesn’t look that trendy? Do you ever find yourself asking these types of questions? Wondering, am I doing this whole quiet time thing right? Do I need to read a commentary? Is journaling a must? Do I have to do it at a certain time, for a certain time, in a certain place? What I’ve learned is that there is no formula to our personal time with Jesus. We are all different and our personal time is just that, personal. I’ve been {mostly} consistent in daily quiet time for about 4 years and it’s always changing as I am growing! If your quiet time is a little messy, that’s okay! Mine is too. And if you can manage to keep everything looking cute and organized, ready for instagram, that’s okay too. No matter what it looks like, God sees our hearts and knows we are trying. And we can hold onto this promise from James:


“Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you”

James 4:8

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6 thoughts on “What My Quiet Time Looks Like”

  1. I enjoy spending time with the Lord, and including journal writing as well. This is my preferred way of Bible study and sharing my prayers and thoughts with the Lord.

    “What I’ve learned is that there is no formula to our personal time with Jesus.” Great take away and truth, with 4 kids my “quiet time,” has evolved over the years!

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  2. Just like you when my days start with Him I know that I will walk and seek Him throughout the day and have a much better day immersed in His presence. I am a conqueror with Him!


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  3. Great thoughts. I’ve also always wondered if my quiet was supposed to be Insta worthy. Often times, my greatest times with the Lord are when I am actively engaged in the text and really pressing in, and don’t have time to picture that. I love trying different ways and seeing what helps me.

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  4. That verse is so encouraging..just lean in and HE is there. Amazing!

    I struggle to get in a daily quiet time. I focus on a devotional (Jesus Calling and/or Streams in the Desert) and journaling my prayers and thoughts. The whole process takes about 20-30 minutes. I would love for it to be longer and more in depth–I suppose I’ll work my way towards that.


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    1. It was a struggle to get in a good amount of time for a long time! But I decided that it was really a priority for me to spend that time in the morning. And on the days when I don’t have time for whatever reason, there’s always the evening! But as crazy as our lives can get, we should always make time 1st to be in His presence.


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