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Unexpected Blessing

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I had no idea how turning 30 would be for me, but I can say that I am truly embracing it. It doesn’t make me old or behind the times or have an expectation of what my life “should be like”, but rather it’s been an adventure and I am sure it will continue to be one with each passing day.


Chloë flew across the country to come spend a long weekend with me beach hopping up and down the east coast. She arrived Thursday night and my birthday was Friday. We did a little exploring and found a fairly secluded beach to watch the sunrise on Friday morning. We woke up before 5am to make our way to the beach, with coffee and her guitar of course, and find a place to sit and sing worship songs as we awaited the sun to poke its head up from thewater. We were there for a little while singing away, mostly her, and were starting to realize it was pretty cloudy and we might not get to actually see the sunrise, but just experience the light breaking through the darkness. Then, out of nowhere, a huge wave came and attempted to wash our stuff away. Now let me just say we were sitting pretty far back from where the water was and prior to this point waves were gently just crashing upon the shore in a contained area.


It went from a calm blissful moment to utter chaos. Everything, including us, our phones, and our blankets weresoaked. Our phones were fully submerged in the wave and thankfully before the water went back Chloë was able to find the car keys. We were both in shock and couldn’t believe what just happened.


We made our way back to the car in an attempt to find a place to clean ourselves up. It was then that we realized neither of our phones were working and we had a whole weekend of traveling ahead of us. We had to navigate to the closest store that was open that would have a bathroom, it was like we went back in time! Thankfully there was a grocery store not too far away, so we went and cleaned up and had to buy two bags of rice for our phones hoping that if we got them in there it would save our poor phones. Then we got some food and found a place for wifi to use the laptop and made our way from Charleston to Myrtle Beach. Once we were in Myrtle Beach we tried to turn both our phones on but with no luck. So we found the closest Verizon store, thankfully we thought ahead and had pulled up directions while we had wifi earlier that morning, and we both had to purchase new phones. It turned out I wanted to buy myself a birthday present!

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This experience laid out two paths for us. We could have chosen to let this unexpected expense turn into a headache and ruin the whole trip or we could laugh at the situation and be grateful and flexible and open to whatever was to come.


The first option definitely tried to be the option we chose, but through it all we both stayed positive and I think it really worked out in the best way possible! We had several hours together without any interruptions or cell phones, which is pretty awesome when you only see your best friend a couple times a year now. And I truly believe God showed out for us after this. Since this craziness we have seen several dolphins, the weather in every city has been clear skies when the predicted weather was calling for rain the entire weekend, and we both got brand new iPhone 7s for basically no cost at all. Overall it turned out to be one of my best birthdays, if not the best, since I have been an adult!


I believe with everyday life we have the option of two paths and it is up to us to choose the one that points to Jesus. It is so much easier to pick the negative path or the path of least resistance, but there is no growth there. When times get tough, or bad things happen unexpectedly, and we choose to find joy in our circumstances God reminds us He is there. It doesn’t mean our problems go away or we don’t have struggles or issues to deal with, but it does shine light on our situation and glorifies our Father who is in Heaven.


So whatever you are going through today, this week, this year, find reasons, even if it’s just one, and praise Him. I know He will remind you of His goodness.


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