This Is Us

image1It’s August 2013 and I, Amy, just moved across the country to go to Grand Canyon University. I knew no one and my first day on campus I met my three roommates. One of them happened to have met some other girls while she was visiting the school before deciding to come and they came over that first day to reconnect. I vaguely remember meeting them, I was more concerned with getting settled and starting my classes in just a few short days. After about a week or so into my classes I realized that signing up for Spanish was one of the dumbest things I could have done! I had never taken Spanish in my life and all of the sudden I thought it was a good idea to take an entry level college course. Well, thankfully my roommate knew that one of the other girls she knew spoke Spanish and came to find out she was willing to tutor me. So we started meeting every day, for hours, going over Spanish vocabulary, making sentences, figuring out what tenses to use, and all this other crazy stuff that I swear English doesn’t have. It started out as just her, this excited for college 18 year old, helping me, this way too old to be in college girl, get through the course. But after several weeks of meeting daily it turned into deeper conversations about life and if I’m honest I wasn’t remembering the Spanish stuff anyway. I still am amazed at how much she was willing to help me. We literally made hundreds of flash cards, just for the vocabulary. Thanks to her and Jesus, I miraculously got an A in the course! Once Christmas break came we didn’t have as big of a reason to hang out, although we did from time to time and we did group things with mutual friends. It really wasn’t until almost a year later that I saw her light shining in my life like none other, her unconditional love that truly helped pull me out from a very dark place in my life. Christmas break 2014 she sent me daily texts of encouragement, of Scripture, of joy and laughter that will be something that I am forever indebted to her for. Since then we have been inseparable, and some would say it’s nauseating! We have experienced so much over the last almost four years and our one constant is Jesus. We have always known that He was calling us to do something together, but couldn’t ever put our finger on what it was exactly.


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Let me (Chloe) tell you my version of the story;)

I was a senior in high school when I heard about Grand Canyon University. They flew me and a friend down to Phoenix to visit, who could refuse? We had planned to go one weekend, but a change of events happened and we went down earlier than planned. Upon getting there, we were greeted by a school employee picking us up. He informed us that we were waiting for another student who had missed her flight. We met this girl who was looking at transferring in as a junior. The weekend went by and we became friends and wanted to keep in touch. So when we all came back to the school as students the following August, we met up right away. She had a roommate named Amy who was also a transfer student and didn’t know anyone. After hanging out a few times at their place, it came up that Amy needed help with Spanish. So, I became her Spanish tutor. We met every day that semester to study, and eventually the conversations drifted from Spanish to life and we tutored less and talked more. In the end, Amy got an A in her class and I had an amazing mentor to look up to. After another year of college and many life changes for the both of us, we found ourselves living together and going through some hard things in our own lives. Amy was a walking example of Jesus in my life, giving me a safe place to talk about things I hadn’t ever spoken of out loud. We bonded easily and became inseparable best friends. We became known as a package deal, and it was really because we were sisters.

As our friendship developed, we both felt a strong leading from the Lord that He brought us, our stories, together for a reason and that one day we would be doing some kind of ministry together. But what that looked like was confusing, and ever-changing. And us going our separate ways recently made it even more confusing. God, what are you doing?


Well, now we are in two different places across the country from one another, writing a blog together because God said so. And we are glad that you, whoever you are, are reading this. We want this to be a safe place for us to share our stories with you and for you to share yours with us. This life is a journey where we are all called to the same thing: become more like Jesus and glorify Him. He is the reason we are here, and He is the reason you are. Our prayer is that you would grow closer to Him through these words He has given us to share.


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